Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Parquet floors: an economical option that adds value for your home

Hardwood flooring choice for many homeowners, but often it is the high cost and added content that prevents them from their installation. You may be surprised to learn that the parquet floors are actually very economical compared to other floors and easy care. Unlike other types of hardwood flooring is designed to last a lifetime. After installation, you don't have to replace it as you would with a laminate, carpet and vinyl. Regular cleaning will keep dust and debris from the floor, cleaning them with a simple action on occasion would kill microbes. Even more exciting, wood floors are an investment that pays as these homes with wood floors have competitive advantages in the housing market and sell for more money.

Wood floors are universal and can be used in any room of the home. There are some limitations, however, as vulnerable to humidity of wood. Wood is recommended for all above applications class, except for the rooms with bathroom. Engineered wood can be used only for the below-grade applications such as basements. Traditionally wooden floors are used in official areas such as cafeterias, lounges and foyers. Nevertheless, the popularity of hardwood, and its return on investment, many homeowners decide to establish this type of parquet in the bedrooms, family rooms and kitchens. To keep the wear of hardwood, use rugs in high-stress field.

An additional advantage to choose hardwood flooring that is a healthy option, which does not harbour dust and allergens. This allows for people with allergies and asthma. In addition wood traps mould and harmful chemicals that can be brought into the House of gardening and other outdoor activities. To keep the floors clean air quality also helps and makes an excellent selection of hardwood to create conditions for a healthy lifestyle.

When shopping for hardwood, you have two options to choose from: hardwood and engineered wood. Solid wood of wood construction and is available as bulletin boards, parquet and strip. Because they are made from solid wood, they are not recommended in areas of high humidity. For these reasons, engineered wood is a popular choice. It is made of several layers of laminated construction with top hardwood. Engineered wood planks and strips and more durable, making it suitable for use both above and below as well class class. Another perk is that internal structure does not correspond to the upper layer, so you can enjoy the strength of oak with beech wood outside.

In addition to the type of hardwood flooring you choose, you'll also want to consider prefinished or incomplete version. Prefinished selection are the most common and best home improvement stores. They have many coats of polyurethane or aluminum oxide coating that makes them strong, durable and easy to maintain. And since you can skip over all grinding and coloring, prefinished flooring can be installed on the same day. Incomplete selection can be smaller, but they are ideal in situations where the word is what colour. This is common in new construction or remodels houses, where the first unfinished floor can be laid, then later with the Stained color.

The installation method you choose will also impact how quickly Word installed. Installation always depends on where you installed Word, and what type of sex, you are putting in. wood floors can be installed using glue or nails, or they can be installed on the base, also known as floating. Adhesives can be messy and less frequently than nailing down the Board, while floating floors or are existing watermarks. Floating have snap-in and lock system, which combines boards. These types of floors are stable and sustainable changes in temperature, making them suitable for basements.

At first glance, parquet floors is the pricier option compared to other types of flooring. However, when you consider that separate installation options, engineered wood components that may be built mobile and durability of wood, you can rest assured knowing that this type of sex one is road.

Post Title Parquet floors: an economical option that adds value for your home